Long distance relationships are not impossible thanks to advanced technology today. You can text people all over the world. Send them words of love at lighting speeds. Audio technology allows you to talk to anybody for a long period of time. You can get a little coffee mug for boyfriend if your not into digital gifts. Shipping is a world wide service now. The price for performing these things is very cheap also. Everything you need is available. You can make this long distance relationship work with a little commitment.

Communication in a LDR is important. You have to be here when your not. Despite all the technology, not spending time with him will make him hate you. You don’t want that to happen. You don’t want him to think your not really here. No, you want him and he has something you really need. Can’t afford to not talk to him. No, you got to talk to him each day and tell him things that will keep him interested. If you can’t find the words, then you got to guess the words. Keep the communication consistent in a LDR. 10 signs things will work out in this LDR are listed below.

They Listen to What You Have to Say

Your lover would be the main one in your life who listens. Most people listen but they skip over your life. Have a conversation with your lover. Make sure he listens to you and really knows things you say. Maybe get a coffee mug for boyfriend and see if he remembers you getting it. Listening is not just a action. Its a active process that lets you know he wants to be involved in your life. Having a man that wants to be involved in your life should be all the proof you need to move in with him later.

Noticing the way he responds to you and acts will let you know that he listens to you a lot. He doesn’t need to know every tiny detail. Cut him some slack if he miss one or two things from the conversation. He just needs to know something that happened when you said it happened. If you hear words that say he remembers what was said, then you got your self a good listener.

They Tell Their Family

When you hear your boyfriend talking to their family, that is a good sign that he only wants you in his life. He probably does not tell many girls to his family. You will be very special to him if he talks about you. Maybe he will marry you in the future.

Hearing him tell you he told you about his family is even better. If he tells you he told his family over the phone, then he trust you too. He must have a lot of faith in the relationship and have a desire to make things go right in the relationship.

You Can Work Through Arguments Together

Every couple argues from time to time. You got to know if you guys can squash it. There are couples that can do it because they have a strong connection and generally don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. You got to get into arguments with him. See how he moves and determine if you guys can stay together in the future. You need to know if you can really be with this guy. He is important to you and you to got to make him important for your day to life as well. Make sure you can live with him when you finally decide to move in with him.

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